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About Us

Our company has been founded in 1994 to provide service in the field of Cables and Cable Raw Materials and continuing its service in Istanbul since 2001.

We are co-operating with the world wide known biggest producer companies in the energy, communication, fiber optic cable raw materials area.

Besides , we are also providing polietilen products service which are suitable for the packaging and pipe sector.

By bringing our suppliers and end-users together, we are producing customer oriented solutions and services together with our technical service.

Our policy; is to bring suppliers and consumers together on the same line.



-Any kind of Cables and Cable Assembly
-Energy Cable Materials
-Communication Cable Materials
-Any kind of Pipes and Assembly
-Plastic Material for packaging Industry
-Engineering Plastic
-High Modulus Aramid Heracron Yarn
-PP Yarn for Carpet Industry
-Yarn for Hygienic and Geothermal production