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Services & Products

For over 20 years in Turkey and Middle East,we are supplying raw materials for cable and automobile sector as an authorized seller of the world’s leading companies from our freezone warehouses located in Istanbul and Izmir.
Our references from Turkey are ;Prysmian,Nexans,Corning etc.

• For Telecommunication and Power Cable XLPE, LLDPE, MDPE, HDPE insulation and sheath jacket Polyethylene compound.
• Semi-conductive Conductor and insulation shielding compound for medium Power Cables.
• Very Easy Strippable Semi-conductive insulation shielding compound EPR and XLPE Insulation Cables.
• Filling and flooding jelly for Telecommunication and Fiber Optic Cables.
Also;we are working from our warehouse as a supplier of twisted or untwisted Heracron Aramid yarn which is coming after Du Pont( Kevlar) and Twaron in the world that is used for fiber optic cables and high pressure hoses MRG in automobiles.
Because there are limited producers of TEFLON cable in the world ;we are also supplying Teflon Flexible, Semi-Flexible, Semi-Rigid, Hook-Up and (PE) Flexible Coaxial cable products of the FLONTEC company.
We would also;serve you in the field of Aramid and rubber which is used for high pressure hoses MRG in the automobile engines.
For your other raw material requirements;we can serve you as well.
Please;do not hesitate to contact for technical and commercial questions about your interested raw material in this subject.
Thanking for your kind interest.