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Quality Policy

Stokevi Foreign Trade Co.is giving service to our esteemed customers for over 20 years by developing mutual trust relationship as a representative of the world’s leading raw material producers.

Stokevi Foreign Trade.Co.can provide product supply thanks to his contacts with the world's major manufacturers.

Stokevi.Foreing Trade Co.’s quality and precise works,at the same time with its prioritised approach to customer satisfaction, made it one of the confident and demanded names in its sector.

Stokevi.Foreign.Co.is carrying out customer’s product delivery from İstanbul-İzmir free zone(Customs free)or as imported from its warehouse(Duty paid).

Stokevi Foreign Trade Co.is based on trust,reputability,honesty and its quality service after its establishment until now.

By acquiring power from our professional experience in the cable sector and with our academic background, we are happy to serve our esteemed customers besides being fast and competitive with solution-oriented features.

Our aim is to provide demanded products and service on time to our customers